Question: Do I require a building permit for my Quick Cabin?

Answer: As our Quick Cabins are under 10sqm the majority of times is no, although individual councils have their own specific rules. A simple call to council’s building department will confirm if there are any specific requirements that need to be met. 

Question: How long will it take to deliver my Quick Cabin?

Answer: If your Quick Cabin order has the standard options only, then we try to deliver the cabin within 7 days, subject to availability of components.

Question: How many choices do you have regarding external cladding?

Answer: At the moment we have 4 choices of external cladding. Colorbond Corrugated Iron and Colorbond Trimdek are our standard options. Weathergrove and PVC Weatherboard are upgrade options. These choices allow for a greater opportunity to have the Quick Cabin blend in with the existing environment. Custom cladding can also be arranged.

Question: Can I customise door and window sizes and location?

Answer: Yes, you can customise the door and window sizes. You can also place them where they work best for you. Custom changes may attract additional costs. 

Question: Do I need to pour a concrete slab for my Quick Cabin?

Answer: No, our Quick Cabins incorporate a galvanised steel subfloor base which sit on steel piers. This method is highly efficient and deals with any potential issues with sloping blocks. Should you wish to build on a concrete slab this could be done.

Question: What options do I have regarding assembly?

Answer: There are 3 options to choose from. 1st option purchase the Quick Cabin as a DIY kit and either pick it up from our factory or have it delivered, 2nd option have your Quick Cabin assembled in our factory and delivered to site completed. (must have clear and direct access to site without height restrictions), 3rd option have your Quick Cabin assembled onsite.

Question: Do you have an outdoor kitchen option?

Answer: Yes, for those looking for an outdoor kitchen we have put together a kitchen package which consists of a kitchen bench (pantry optional), under bench oven, hotplate and range hood. 

Question: What smart device options do you have?

Answer: We offer a range of WiFi enabled smart devices such as reverse cycle air-conditioning, LED down lights, built-in speakers, USB charging points and a WiFi extender point.