Stylish Home Office Pods

What about a Home Office Pod?

Having a home office now a days is almost becoming a necessity. The challenge has always been that most homes just don’t have the space to create a dedicated home office. With more and more people running their business from home the home office pods provide a great solution.  

You have a number of choices with our home office pods, they come in a DIY kit form, pre-assembled or assembled on site. For those that have the ability (or friends that do) you could save some money by choosing the DIY kit. Designed to be easily assembled the DIY kit comes with an instruction manual that allows any handyman to put our kits together. You will however need to engage a qualified electrician to complete all electrical works, if you don’t have your own electrician we can assist. 

The pre-assembled option has your home office assembled in our factory and delivered to site. This is by far the quickest way to get your home office in and done with the least amount of disruption to you. This option requires clear and direct access to the site with no height restrictions or if need be we can crane the office onto site. 

For those who have restricted access to their rear yards we have our ‘assembled on site’ option. With this option we will organise the delivery of the kit office, necessary trades and handymen to assemble and complete your home office on site. This option typically takes around 2 days to complete.


DIY kits start from $16,990

Quick Cabins Home Office 2D

Prefab Backyard Office

As a backyard office, our home office pods do not require a building permit and take very little time to install. Having your own dedicated stand alone office provides you with a number of benefits. Purchase of our office kits may be tax deductible (You should seek independent advice from a tax professional). Having a backyard office also allows you to conduct meetings with clients and suppliers without requiring them to enter your home, removing potential security issues and that feeling of having unknown people entering your personal private space. The office can also cater for additional staff.

Quick Cabins Home Office 3D

Backyard Office Kit

Consider upgrading your home office pod to include WiFi enabled appliances and fittings such as: Smart LED Downlights, Reverse Cycle Airconditioning, Built In Speakers, Smart Device Charging Points and Wifi Extender Point.

Choose Your External Cladding

We have 4 choices of external cladding that you can choose from and they are as follows.

Trimdek Cladding: Trimdek cladding is a modern and versatile wall cladding featuring bold ribs. Trimdek is ideal for residential buildings looking for sleek lines that give that industrial/architectural feel. Trimdek comes in a wide range of Colorbond colours.

Colorbond Corrugated Iron Cladding: Australian corrugated iron wall cladding is ideal for modern and traditional architecture in residential applications. A lightweight yet strong cladding material available in a wide range of Colorbond colours.

Weathergrove Woodsman Cladding: Weathergroove 150 Woodsman Architectural panel has the characteristics of a wood grain effect. The pattern pressed on the board displays the knots and curves, together with an uneven textured finish, to portray the uniqueness of natural timber trees. The grooves are spaced 140mm apart. The 5mm deep groove is 13mm wide, with a flat smooth base.

PVC Weatherboard Cladding: PVC weatherboard cladding has been designed as a long life product requiring no painting and little maintenance. The cladding is available with coloured, textured and moulded surfaces. PVC’s durability, high thermal insulation and excellent weathering performance (PVC has good resistance to UV light and ozone), meaning that cladding remains in place for many years.

Quick Cabin Standard Inclusions

  • Instruction Manual
  • Size 4,400mm x 2,200mm
  • Galvanised Subfloor
  • Weather Seal Floor Sheets
  • Wall & Roof Frames
  • Insulation Wrap
  • Earthwool Insulation
  • External Cladding – Colorbond Trimdek or Corrugated Iron
  • Roofing – Colorbond Archclad Cliptray 48mm 
  • Internal Finish – Gyprock 
  • Single Glazed Aluminium Window 1200mm x 900mm
  • Single Glazed Aluminium Door 2100mm x 2100mm
  • Colorbond Facia, Gutters & Roof Capping
  • Electrical External – Power Connection Plug, 2 Outdoor Lights 
  • Electrical Internal – 2 x LED Down Lights, 2 x Double Power Points, 1 x Lights Switches


  • External Cladding Choice: Weathergroove or PVC Weatherboard
  • Easycraft VJ Pre-Primed Internal Lining
  • Double Glazed Aluminium Window
  • Double Glazed Aluminium Door
  • WiFi Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning
  • WiFi LED Down Lights