Quick Cabins is a no fuss quick way to create that additional space at your place. Our standard Quick Cabins are as follows: size is  4.4m X 2.2m, comes with either skillion or gable roof,  colorbond corrugated iron or Trimdek cladding, aluminum sliding door and window. Our standard Quick Cabin in a DIY kit start from $16,990 delivered free in the Melbourne area. 

We also offer other options with regard to external cladding and internal finishes, the choice is yours. Simply choose your preferred options, pay your deposit and in no time your Quick Cabin will be delivered. As our Cabins are under 10sqm you typically don’t require a building permit so no lengthy delays in getting your cabin built. Just be mindful that some councils may have certain restrictions with how close you can place the cabin to a boundary or another building, if your not sure let us know and we can certainly help you with that. 

Choice of Roof Styles

Choice of Exterior Cladding

Quick Cabin in Colorbond Colours

Quick Cabins Colorbond Corrugated Iron Cladding

Australian corrugated iron wall cladding ideal for modern and traditional architecture in residential applications. A lightweight yet strong cladding material available in a wide range of Colorbond colours.

Quick Cabin in Trimdeck Colorbond Monument

Quick Cabins Colorbond Trimdek Cladding

A modern and versatile wall cladding featuring bold ribs. Trimdek is ideal for residential buildings looking for that industrial/architectural feel. Comes in a complete range of Colorbond colours.

Quick Cabin Studio Weathertex

Quick Cabins Weathergroove Woodsman Cladding

Weathergroove 150 Woodsman Architectural panel has the characteristics of a wood grain effect. The pattern pressed on the board displays the knots and curves, together with an uneven textured finish, to portray the uniqueness of natural timber trees. The grooves are spaced 140mm apart. The 5mm deep groove is 13mm wide, with a flat smooth base.

Quick Cabin in PU-PVC Cladding

Quick Cabins PVC Weatherboard Cladding

PVC wall cladding have been designed as long life product requiring no painting and little maintenance. The cladding is available with coloured, textured and moulded surfaces. PVC’s durability, high thermal insulation and excellent weathering performance (PVC has good resistance to UV light and ozone), mean that cladding remains in place for many years.​